Saveurs Nature - Concept Alimentation

Physical version of the future website "Saveurs Nature"
The visual redesign of the food department was made by strong graphic choices. It was necessary to detach oneself from the image of a warehouse.



Warehouse aspect

Previously designed on conventional large grids, Cabesto's food area seemed cold & old. Furthermore,Cabesto has a lot of frozen food, which is why it was necessary to be able to get out of the medical aspect brought by freezers. Everything has been warmed thanks to wooden furniture.

Warm and modern

In order to contrast with what used to be, wooden furniture was attached to a modern typography for the third height, as well as furniture called "star" backlit. This furniture includes photos in reference to the universe to which they belong (Italy, Exotic flavors, Biscuits, Fish soups etc.)

From Above

To support the concept, strong graphics choices were put in place. The photos seen from above are there to show both the product but also delimit the area.