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An outdoor concept

An outdoor concept

The design of the user experience on this product required taking into account the constraints of fieldwork. This led to a reflection on contrasts and color association for each environment. Buttons are visible and contrasted.
Each working environment has its color, in case of bad condition it's an additional marker element.
Moreover when selecting a work area, the icon increases in the menu, allowing quick and optimal identification.

An application

An application "à la carte"

The application, in its international deployment provides adaptation (according to the climatic conditions of concerned country). Indeed, according to the weather, tasks performed outdoors are not the same.
The internationalization of Arpengo will be accompanied by translation but also by ergonomic adaptation (change of writing direction (mirror interface), but also option + or - relevant according to the public)

Work from MVP

Work from MVP

Arpengo's challenge was to transform a tedious and austere tool into a true ally on the field. Everything is conceived to be above the fold, to guarantee a quick access to actions to be performed.